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NBC Filming Concluded at Architectural Testing, Inc. (ATI)

August 1, 2013

NBC concluded filming last week at Architectural Testing for Hurricane Week airing the week of Aug. 5th on The Weather Channel

York, PA – NBC filming for Hurricane Week beginning August 5th on The Weather Channel concluded last week at Architectural Testing.  The filming highlighted the differences between hurricane and non-hurricane rated windows and doors.  During a hurricane, flying debris can impact windows and doors creating a breach in the building envelope.  Once the building envelope has been breached, high winds are capable of creating extreme pressures inside the home which can ultimately result in the home literally being pulled apart.  The best way to prevent this from happening is by maintaining the building envelope during a storm event. 

Hurricane-rated windows and doors are constructed differently than conventional varieties.  Products produced for use in hurricane zones are generally more robust and contain laminated glass.  A well-known example of laminated glass is that which is used in automobile windshields.  The laminated glass helps to maintain the building envelope even when impacted and broken.

“Testing the various levels of hurricane and non-hurricane rated products shows the dramatic differences in the performance characteristics of these products.  Capturing the effects of impact on film is a great way to convey these differences to the average consumer.”  Mike Stremmel, P.E., Senior Product Engineer of Product Testing, stated at the conclusion of filming.

Behind-the-scenes photos of the filming can be found here and here.  Additional information on hurricane and tornado impact testing can be found here.



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ATI's Mike Stremmel loading the Impact Cannon


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