VSI Product Certification Program

VSI Official List of Certified Products and Colors (by company)

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- Indicates vinyl siding certified to ASTM D3679
- Indicates insulated siding certified to ASTM D7793
- Indicates polypropylene siding certified to ASTM D7254
- Product includes optional ASTM D6864, ASTM D7251, or ASTM D7856 color retention certification
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(w) American Original Building Products, LLC(w) American Original Building Products(w)  (c) American Original Shake and Scallop Siding
(w) Associated Materials, Inc.(w) Alside(w)  (c) Alliance T4
(w)  (c) Architectural Classics
(w)  (c) Board & Batten
(w)  (c) Charter Oak Grained
(w)  (c) Charter Oak Matte
(w)  (c) Charter Oak Soffit
(w)  (c) Charter Oak XL
(w)  (c) Charter Oak XL Matte
(w)  (c) Charter Oak XXL
(w)  (c) Conquest
(w)  (c) Coventry by Alside
(w)  (c) Cypress Creek
(w)  (c) Greenbriar Vintage Beaded Soffit
(w)  (c) Odyssey Plus
(w)  (c) Pelican Bay One
(w)  (c) Preservation
(w)  (c) Prodigy
(w)  (c) Super Span
(w)  (c) Williamsport Colonial Beaded
(w) Associated Materials, Inc.(w) AMI(w)  (c) Preservation Integra
(w)  (c) Preservation VLS
(w) Boral Building Products Inc.(w) The Foundry(w)  (c) 10" Staggered Shake
(w)  (c) 7" Shingles
(w)  (c) 7" Staggered Shake
(w)  (c) Perfection Shingles
(w)  (c) Shakes
(w)  (c) Shapes
(w)  (c) Stone Collection