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Building Enclosure Commissioning

Commissioning Fast Facts
  • Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) is a process involving evaluation, verification, and documentation that a building’s design and construction meet defined performance expectations.
  • BECx begins at the project inception and continues through the start of the Operations and Maintenance Phase.
  • In addition to fewer water leakage/mold issues for both new construction and renovation projects, BECx results in better building energy performance through improved thermal performance and decreased air leakage issues.
  • Architectural Testing has over 35 years experience in design, testing, and evaluating building enclosures for schools, hospitals, government buildings, residences, hotels, and sports & entertainment complexes.
  • Architectural Testing’s nationwide network of fully accredited test laboratories and field testing offices facilitate quick and cost effective deployment to your construction sites.


Current building projects typically involve complex designs, new construction materials, and compressed budgets and schedules. This situation teamed with heightened building durability and energy performance expectations make Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) a critical tool in ensuring the success of your construction project. Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) is the best Quality Assurance/Quality Control process for ensuring that the defined Building Owner’s performance expectations are met and that the building design intent is achieved.


With over three decades of experience in testing, evaluation, and consultation on building systems, products, and components, Architectural Testing provides professional Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) services to verify the successful design, construction, and as-built performance of your building or design. Our design and construction professionals provide the full range of pre-design, design phase, pre-construction, construction, and operations and maintenance phase services and is complimented by our unique testing capabilities for acoustical, structural, thermal, blast resistance, durability, energy, and air/waterproofing performance.

Building Enclosure Commissioning Process

      Pre-Design Consulting
  • Work with Building Owner to develop Owner’s Performance Objectives (OPO)
  • Development and acceptance of initial Commissioning Plan
  • Evaluate design concepts against OPO and Architect of Record’s design intent

Design Phase Services
  • Develop and document commissioning specification, establish commissioning team, and identify responsibilities
  • Review project drawings and specifications
  • Develop design concepts with the Architect of Record
  • Perform final review of bid/tender documents
  • Develop construction checklists
  • Coordinate Pre-Bid Meetings and briefing of construction management team

Pre-Construction Phase
  • Review construction sequencing and scheduling
  • Verify material/assembly compatibility
  • Evaluate submittals and shop drawings
  • Coordinate Pre-Construction Commissioning Meetings
  • Oversee construction of mock-up and perform testing with documentation, observations, comments, and recommendations
  • Perform material testing of alternative materials
  • Perform hygrothermal computer modeling (WUFI & THERM)

Construction Phase
  • Finalize Commissioning Plan based on mock-up testing
  • Verify and document field QA/QC programs
  • On-site review and field testing of installations
  • Integration of RFIs and change orders to the Commissioning Plan
  • Provision and follow-up of on-going deficiency lists
  • Attendance at relevant site meetings
  • Coordination of Commissioning Plan items to relevant parties
  • Resolve disputes related to building enclosure performance

Operations & Maintenance Phase
  • Finalization of project commissioning record with warranties and close-out documentation
  • Verify applicable training procedures of building maintenance personnel
  • Update and distribute Commissioning Report

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