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Great News!

In 2021, VSI relaunched the Product Certification Program; the Program is now an independent third-party certification program with an ISO/IEC 17065 accredited certification body in place.

Certification of additional material properties, ratings and code compliance that were beyond the scope of the former VSI certification are now part of the Program with two options for reporting through a Product Certification Listing (PCL) or Product Evaluation Report (PER). In addition to the foundational ASTM product standards, the upgraded Program recognizes standards such as ASTM E84, ASTM E119 and NFPA 268.

This site is currently under construction to bring you changes that reflect the upgraded Program. To access all published Product Certification Listings (PCLs) and Product Evaluation Reports (PERS), please click here .

You can continue to find certified products using the links below. Products that appear on the VSI Product Certification Program's Official List of Certified Products have met or exceeded all the requirements of ASTM D3679 for vinyl siding, ASTM D7793 for insulated siding, or ASTM D7254 for polypropylene siding. This list is updated when changes occur to provide the most complete and current listing of products that have been certified to meet or exceed ASTM standards through VSI's Program.

To view the list, please select the category below that best suits your needs to sort results by that category.

You can also search for a specific company, brand, or product name to determine certification status by using the "search" function at the top of this page. Or use "search" to identify which brands and products are certified for a particular type of siding (for example, type in "double 4" or "shake" to view all the brands and products that are certified in these categories, "insulated" for all certified insulated siding or "polypropylene" to see all certified polypropylene siding).

NOTE: The companies and products listed in this Official List of Certified Products are for certified siding products only. VSI also sponsors the VSI Certified Installer Program.